• Introduction of the characteristics of the floor spring

    A floor spring refers to a hydraulic door closer, except that the device that presses the spring is a worm gear rather than a rack and pinion. Because the worm gear can rotate in the forward and reverse directions, the floor spring can be used for two-way open doors, while the door closer can only be used for one-way open doors. The key to the ground spring is the load-bearing seat at the lower part of the spindle, which determines the load-bearing level of the ground spring. The basic configuration of the floor spring is the sun shaft and the ground shaft (or the ground foot). The sun shaft is an accessory that connects the door frame and the door…
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  • What is a gated hardware

    Door control hardware refers to door closers, floor springs, hinges, latches, etc., which are widely used in wood doors, glass doors, profile doors, and other metal parts. The core of the door closer design idea is to realize the control of the closing process so that the various functional indicators of the closing process can be adjusted according to the needs of the person. The significance of the door closer is not only to automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and the door body. More importantly, the door closer has become an indispensable part of the intelligent management of modern buildings. The most critical quality problem of the door closer is the oil leakage because…
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